Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect® 4PK 500ml + Bud Potency & Stalk Strengthener 250ml

  • $114.98

Lush, Sturdy Growth From 3-Part Base Nutrients Designed Specifically For Your Plants
Using a high-quality micronutrient formula is your ticket to a rewarding garden. By combining Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect® Micro with pH Perfect Grow and pH Perfect Bloom, you’re providing your plants what they need to give you a happier harvest day.

Feed Your Crops the Extra Calcium, Magnesium, and Iron They Need If You Use a Non-Advanced Base Nutrient
Plants – just like all forms of life, including human beings – require a complete range of essential elements in order to thrive. Not one can be lacking, or your crops may suffer nutrient deficiencies. Of course, different concentrations of different nutrients are required by plants and animals at different stages of their lives. Just like young, developing children need vitamins and minerals, your plants need a steady supply of calcium and magnesium to ensure vigorous, healthy growth.


Grow 500ml

Micro 500ml

Bloom 500ml

Sensi Cal-Mag Xtra 500ml

CarboLoad 250ml

Rhino Skin 250ml

Bud Factor X 250ml

B-52 250ml