Advanced Nutrients Stalk Strengthener Bundle

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OG Organics Ancient Earth®

Fortify Your Garden with the Nectar of the Earth Using This Exclusive 2-in-1 Solution!
OG Organics Ancient Earth® meets USDA-NOP and the world’s most stringent organic input standards for organic production. OG Organics Ancient Earth, naturally derived from a rare source of ancient organic matter called leonardite, is a breakthrough long and short chain humic acid supplement that gives you the best of nature’s benefits in a bottle! The specialized ingredients in this formula work together seamlessly and synergistically to maximize plant performance and optimize the yield of your plant.

B-52® Fertilizer Booster

B Vitamin Supplement
Use this ever-popular formula in the demanding conditions of your high-intensity garden. This proprietary blend provides unique, powerful 100% guaranteed nutritional and vitamin support so your plants are always winners.

Rhino Skin®

Tough Skin Protects
Give your plants Rhino Skin to increase the rigidity of the cell walls making your plants stalks more rigid. Plants take silicon into their cells making tougher cell walls.

Sensizym Organic

The Active Enzyme Root-Renewal System For Organic Cultivation
Use Sensizym Organics’ unique blend of Sonoran Desert plant extracts, vitamin B1—derived from patented proprietary yeast extract—and active enzymes during the flowering phase to scavenge waste from growing roots and break down dead root material into carbohydrates. This powerful formula can even be used to recondition used grow media like coco coir. 

Ancient Earth


Rhino Skin