Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Sensi COCO 500ml + Bigger Buds 250ml

  • $119.98

pH Perfect® Sensi Coco Grow Part A&B

Finally! A pH Perfect 2-Part Base Nutrient Designed Specifically For Coco Coir!
pH Perfect® Sensi Coco Grow is a revolutionary two-part base nutrient that can be enjoyed by coco coir growers with absolutely any level of experience. This proprietary formula delivers humic acids, derived from natural leonardite, among other vital nutrients to your precious plants during the grow phase to ensure they grow to their full potential as quickly as possible.

pH Perfect® Sensi Coco Bloom Part A&B

Guarantee Yourself A More Consistent, Maximized Yield With This pH Perfect 2-Part Base Nutrient for Coco Coir!
pH Perfect® Sensi Coco Bloom is a two-part base nutrient – designed for the unique needs of coco coir growers – that you can rely on to supply your plants with what they need throughout the crucial bloom phase. pH Perfect Sensi Coco Bloom provides your plants with a solid foundation of nutrient health and reserves to guarantee outstanding floral development and quality.

Sensi Coco Grow A 500 ml

Sensi Coco Grow B 500 ml

Sensi Coco Bloom A 500 ml

Sensi Bloom Coco B 500 ml

Bud Ignitor 250 ml

Big Bud Coco 250 ml

OverDrive 250 ml

Flawless Finish 250 ml