AgroLED® Sun® 211 & Sun® 411 Bloom LED Fixtures

  • $464.95

The AgroLED® Sun® 211 & Sun® 411 Bloom LED Fixtures offer lighting for the fruiting and flowering stages of plant life with 3 separate channels. Each channel 6,500°K, Red and Far Red are independently switched for easy operation.

The Sun® 211 produces over 11,200 lumens and 205.720 PPFD and the Sun® 411 produces 21,700 lumens and 399.346 PPFD while delivering 660nm and Far Red light when all channels are on. The steel housing is powder-coated white for durability with louvers to ensure proper thermal management.

The fixtures have flexible hanging options for vertical or horizontal positions with the included V-hangers. Includes 8 foot power cord and has daisy chain feature for multiple fixtures to be plugged together.