1 Part Medi One Starter Kit

  • $74.98

Convenient and ready to use 1 Part Nutrient Starter Kit ideal for the medical grower

This kit contains a selection of base and additive liquid fertilizers that can be used throughout the vegetative & flowering stage.

 The 1 Part Medi One Kit is our convenient and ready to use kit with a base nutrient formulated for the medical grower. This starter kit comes with Medi One and a selection of our finest additives to help you maximize your yields.


Base Nutrients
1 x 500ml Medi One

Additive Nutrients
1 x 500ml Ocean Magic
1 x 500ml Rezin
1 x 500ml Massive
1 x 500ml Liquid Weight

How to use it

This kit includes the necessary nutrients to follow the Media One Feed Program.

Refer to our ONLINE NUTRIENT CALCULATOR for application rates during each week of plant growth for each product.