Kushie Kush

  • $16.98

Kushie Kush

First the scientists gathered a vast array of seeds and clones of the most popular Kush sub-varieties and grew them in test labs. Every day they took plant tissue samples to discover how nutrient inputs and other supplementation affects Kush yield, potency, taste and aroma.

Advanced scientists learned the precise combinations of phosphorus, potassium, amino acids, co-factors, metabolic triggers and other substances that feed Kush exactly what it needs so it far exceeds its genetic potential.

Keeping with the tradition of excellence and precision at Advanced Nutrients, they took everything they had learned about Kush and created a bloom booster specifically designed and tested to give you more potency and weight from your Kush plants.

All major sub varieties of Kush were tested so this formula contains exactly the right ingredients that your Kush need to produce larger more medicinal yields.

Using Kushie Kush, you get gooey, glistening, resin-dripping, weighty, tight, dense, sticky Kush buds.