About Dyna-Gro®

For more than 38 years Dyna-Gro®, The Nutrition Solution® has excelled in providing growers with complete, easy to use, cost-effective, liquid nutrient concentrates. Our formulas contain all 16 essential macro and micro mineral elements and Silica, which plants require for optimal growth. The exclusion of any one mineral element will result in abnormal growth, premature death, and or failure to complete a full life cycle.

Complete, simple to use, and cost-effective is our promise to our customers. Our complete formulas for both soil and hydroponic applications are concentrated and provide 100% of the macro and micronutrients essential for all plants. Keep it simple with Dyna-Gro. You do not have to use 8 to 12 different products for one plant. Fewer products required means less confusion and more money in your pocket. Growers will use less, waste less and reap the benefits of bigger and better yields because our nutrient solutions are very concentrated, which gives all growers the best possible return on investment. While our nutrients are designed to meet the demanding requirements of hydroponics or growing without soil, they produce superior results in even the best soils.