BOG Light Stand CMH 630W DUAL Fixture

  • $369.98

The 315Wx2 CMH DUAL lamp is the most efficient CMH Grow light stand lamp on the market. The Best of Grow housing keeps the electronics cool, significantly reducing the possibility of faults and extending its operating life. In independent tests, the fixture came out as the coolest. To distribute the light, we offer the choice of three different reflectors, all of which deliver unprecedented uniformity of light.

  • With dimming and control port
  • Vossloh Schwabe Lampholder imported from Germany
  • German Alanod reflector
  • TUV, UL, CUL, CE and RoHS certificates


  • Alanod Germany
  • Miro 9/9036 GP
  • Proven reflection efficiency up to 95%

Easy Installation

The method of installation can be customized according to different greenhouse requirements.

315W x2 Single-ended Ceramic Metal Halide lamp

  • Typical Par Output (PPF): 570µmol/s

  • Lumen output maintenance rate ≥95% after 10000 hours