T8 LED Tube Light, Clear Cover, 6000K

  • $34.98


1 Highly efficient 130 lumens output per watt.

2 Low power consumption and low thermal output.

3 Lower maintenance costs compared to existing lighting.

4 Long life span: 50000 hours - lasts up to 10x longer than conventional lighting.

5 LED lights are easy to mount, durable and plug and play.

Tips for using led shop lights

1. These LED tube lights can be connected in series through small connectors or by connecting wires.

2. These lights can be easily installed as either hardwired fixtures or with a power cord. We have configured 7.8 inches of hardwire for each tube light. If you need a longer hardwire, you can cut the power cord and pair the wires into a longer hardwire.

3. These tube lights are not dimmable, please do not use with dimmers.