Urea 46-0-0 Granular Nitrogen Fertilizer

  • $19.98

Urea 46-0-0 is a high concentrated granular nitrogen fertilizer, which supplies plants with amide, ammonium and nitrate. Applied for horticultural greenhouses for a wide range of uses including increasing crop quality and serving as an anti-stress agent. The most concentrated granular nitrogen fertilizer to provide agricultural plants with nitrogen throughout the growth and development period, supplying plants with all three forms of open-access nitrogen: amide, ammonium and nitrate. This nitrogen fertilizer is the most eco-friendly and harmless for plants, providing a wide range of uses.

  • Provides highly effective nitrogen nutrition with a prolonged effect.
  • Has a positive effect on extended root formation.
  • Can be applied in a high dosage in one single application.
  • Increases the protein and oil content of field crops.