White Wash

  • $18.98

White Wash is our original plant wash formula used to maintain plant health when they are subjected to high humidity conditions. It can be applied as needed throughout the vegetative and flowering stages.

How it works

White Wash is a unique plant wash formulation that maintains plant health under high humidity conditions at any stage of growth.

When a garden is exposed to humidity above the ideal levels, your plants may struggle to perform the transpiration process. This essential plant function is responsible for releasing water vapour into the air and taking in CO2 that is used to encourage growth.

This can inhibit growth and cause stress which may leave the plant exposed to pathogens and diseases, such as moulds and mildews. White Wash can be applied right up to the day of harvest.

How to use it

White Wash is ready-to-use straight out of the bottle. Completely spray the top and bottom of the foliage to ensure proper coverage.

Apply as needed.

Do not dilute White Wash prior to use.


Inert Ingredients……….…….0.0001%